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Sophie la Girafe Chérie Comforter

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  • Brand: Vulli
  • SKU: VU174
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Sophie la Giraffe Chérie Comforter has a soft fur and rounded shapes, it becomes the perfect companion for cuddly moments, and at bedtime reassures Baby.

Sophie la Giraffe Chérie Comforter has a chubbly shapes and her childish face make her a perfect companion at any time of the day. Light and easy to grasp for tiny hands, with a velvet and a jersey side. Being very easy to hold on to, it makes a perfect companion for snuggling and sleeping all day. 

Manufactured in two sweet textures to create a change in the sensation of touch. Sophie la Giraffe Chérie Comforter will be a comforter for cuddling moments...

An ideal gift for a newborn baby!





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