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St Michel Butter Palets 5.29oz/150g

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Dive into the history of St. Michel, which is famous for its unique butter cookies and has kept the recipe for them a closely guarded secret since 1979. The genuine French expertise that went into making each St. Michel palet ensures that every one of them has the ideal balance of crunchiness and smoothness, making them irresistible to the senses.

St. Michel manufactures its palets with a commitment to excellence, using only eggs from free-range chickens and unadulterated butter. The company avoids the use of any artificial colors or preservatives, as well as palm oil and hydrogenated fats. Because of this commitment, the taste and quality of each biscuit is consistent across the entire batch.

Savor the ever-present crispness of Saint Michel's palets, which have been beautifully wrapped in four sachets, each of which contains three butter shuffleboard biscuits. Because to the design, you will always have the opportunity to enjoy the unadulterated crispness and buttery richness.

St. Michel is a symbol of gastronomic extravagance and time-honored custom since it is cooked with care in a family-owned bakery located in the beautiful west of France.

Ingredients: Wheat flour 50%, butter 31%, sugar, eggs of hens raised outdoors 4.9%, salt, powders to be lifted (ammonium and sodium carbonates, citric acid). Possible traces of sesame seeds, soya beans, and nuts.


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  • Juan Vilella Dec 13th 2020

    These cookies are great. Excellent crist buttery shortbread flavor. Don not lasted a day...


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