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St Michel French Mini Madeleine With Chocolate Chips 6.17oz/175g

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  • Brand: St Michel
  • SKU: C2018
  • Net Weight: 175g/ 6.17oz

Embrace the delectable blend of traditional French flavor and deep chocolate overtones that can be found in the mini madeleines with chocolate chips that are sold at L'Atelier St. Michel.

Each morsel possesses a velvety and airy consistency, which is perfectly complemented by the decadent flavor of chocolate chips that dissolve effortlessly in the mouth.

Our St.Michel mini chocolate madeleines are crafted with an unsurpassed devotion to quality, and they are made with premium ingredients, which ensures a completely authentic taste experience.

These St.Michel mini chocolate madeleines, which are made in France and do not contain any colors, preservatives, or palm oil, are a reflection of our dedication to preserving the integrity of St.Michel products.

They are baked to perfection and are sure to bring a smile to the face of any youngster thanks to their flavor, which is airy and delightfully sugary.

Made with wheat flour, fresh eggs, milk, and sugar,

Product of France.


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