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St Michel Tote Bag With Cookies

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  • Brand: St Michel
  • SKU: C2073
  • Net Weight: 175g/ 6.17oz, 100g/ 3.52oz, 150g/ 5.29oz
Le Club

St Michel tote bag was designed by the brand St Michel to do your shopping in bulk in a natural way, Zero Waste!!

Inside each bag, you will find 1 Caramel Palmier Cookies, 1 Grande Galette Butter with sea salt and 1 Mini Madeleine Bag
We love this lovely St Michel bag!

St Michel, a very well known brand in France for generations, their cookies are beyond good, they are astonishing.

In this very nice St Michel bag you'll find:

1 Mini Madeleine Bag - Net Wt: 175g (6.17OZ)

1 Caramel Palmier Cookies -Net Wt: 100g (3.52OZ)

1 Grande Galette Butter with sea salt - Net Wt: 150g (5.29OZ)


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