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To death the minotaur (French Edition)

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  • Brand: Belin
  • SKU: MX033

After the tragedy he experienced, Theo thinks he is doomed to doom. Besides, "they" said it well, "Never, he will not recover". So he returned to his role of victim, taciturn and lonely. In spite of himself, sent to summer camp, Theo finds himself among other teenagers whom he merely observes ironically without picking up a word. But sometimes a simple treasure hunt is enough to thwart the order of things ... It will be necessary for him to get lost in the forest so that a light hand like a feather is placed on his hand, barely touches it and that a soft voice like a breeze blows in his ear: "It's not too late, Theo Zemeckis, it's never too late."

Author: Amelie Sarn

9/12 years

134 pages

ISBN: 9782701148854

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