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Valfleuri Organic Mini Twists 400g/14oz

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  • Brand: Valfleuri
  • SKU: VA016
  • Net Weight: 400g/14oz

Valfleuri Mini'Pat BIO Valfleuri is a mini pasta with three eggs that are fresh. Cooked in just 3 minutes! The Mini'Pat BIO Valfleuri are mini-pastas with fresh organic eggs that taste amazing.

Mini'Pat BIO Valfleuri hurriedly discusses the needs of mothers who are searching for a safe and balanced diet. An initial selection which is embraced by young and old alike unanimously.

A real organic Alsatian pasta developed by the Haut-Rhin company Valfleuri in France.

Cook the Mini'Pat in a large pot of boiling salted water. Drain and mix Mini'Pat with olive oil, butter, or sauce.

Did you know that?

Add a tablespoon of vinegar to the cooking water, neutralize the limestone and prevent the pasta from sticking.

Ingredients: High-quality durum semolina, 150g of fresh eggs per kilo of semolina (14.8%).

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