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Valfleuri Spaghetti fins 250g/8.8oz

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  • Brand: Valfleuri
  • SKU: VA005
  • Net Weight: 250g/8.8oz
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Discover the good taste of fresh eggs from our Valfleuri Pasta. All the Valfleuri Pasta are rich in fresh eggs from hens raised outdoors. Valfleuri select their ingredients carefully, to make generous and tasty pasta.

A classic, you will appreciate the delicacy of the Spaghetti from Alsace, in a "unique dish" seasoned with a pistou of fresh basil or a garlic sauce. These fine spaghettis are also excellent mixed with a sauce made from olive oil enhanced with tapenade, anchovy or chili and garlic crushed and sprinkled with chopped basil.

Cooking time: 7 minutes

Ingredients: High-quality durum semolina, fresh eggs from hens raised outdoors (30%), or 320g per kilo of semolina.

Product of France

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