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Vichy Pastille Mint Candies125g/4.4oz

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Pastilles Vichy Mints are THE French mints that you have to try!

First created in Vichy in 1828 by a pharmacist, they are produced from extracts of Vichy waters. Delicious and pure with a natural mint flavors and sugar, pressed into a little octagon shaped tablet that is like a taste of happiness right on your tongue. Pastilles Vichy Mints are made today using virtually the same methods as they were made almost 200 years ago. These Pastilles Vichy French Mints are addictive, so grab a couple bags and enjoy!



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  • Dec 12th 2017

    These are the original Vichy Pastilles made for many years in Vichy, France. Glad to have a connection to purchase from here in the US!

  • Oct 1st 2014

    So happy to have a place in the USA where you can find these great pastilles!! Thank you Panier Francais!


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