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Clovis Whole grain Mustard 7oz

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The Clovis whole grain mustard has a rustic and regional character thanks to its very high content of mustard seeds and Reims vinegar, which ensures its power of taste and spice.

The Old Clovis Reims Mustard is naturally enjoyed with red meats or cold cuts and is also used to enhance hot sauces.

The Clovis brand, which was founded in 1976, has expanded over the years, each time exploiting new flavors.

Clovis's Reims Mustard is made following the Champagne traditions.

Indeed, it is produced from Reims vinegar and Champagne disgorgement wine, aged in oak barrels for a year, which promotes the birth of woody notes.

This silky-textured mustard is a fine condiment with light wine aromasIngredients: water, mustard seeds, organic distilled vinegar, salt


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