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Carambar French Caramel Candy 130g/4.6oz

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  • Brand: Carambar & co
  • SKU: C006
  • Net Weight: 130g/ 4.9oz

Like the Tarte Tatin, Carambar was born in 1954 from a confectionery mistake in the Lille region (Marcq-en-Baroeul). This confectioner who wanted to satisfy the taste buds of children by mixing cocoa and caramel has made it one of the jewels of the French gluttony and the joke since in 1969, the packaging included riddles and charades. Carambar is sweet, rich and chewy with a hint of cocoa.

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  • Nov 1st 2015

    I loved carambar as a child ( chewy caramel that seems to last longer unlike other candies) and I love them still. So you get a treat and a little joke inside the wrapper . Grateful for Le panier francais to carry those

  • Mar 4th 2015

    Last time I had those were in Germany. I love them and my children love them Whether they are fruity or caramel they are awesome!

  • Aug 2nd 2014

    For those who grew up with it, there is nothing that replaces it. Carambar is Carambar it! It is great to be able to buy it through Le Panier.


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