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Francine French Bio Organic Wheat Flour T55 1kg/2.2lb

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  • Brand: Francine
  • SKU: BC021
  • Net Weight: 1kg/2.2lb
Was: $6.99
Now: $5.39

Francine bio Wheat Flour is ideal for making all your culinary preparations quick: pancakes, cakes, pasta pies, sauces, etc.

A flour from organic farming certified "AB" to contribute to the preservation of the environment!

Organic wheat flour T55.

Net weight 2.2 lb (1kg)

Product of France


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  • Mathew Miceli Nov 9th 2021

    I made a beautiful tasty Batard bread loaf @ 68% hydration with this flour. It is moist and tender. I will buy again and recommend.

  • Jennifer Johnson Nov 6th 2021

    This is fantastic flour. I regularly make baguettes and pizza dough and this flour does a great job every time.

  • Marie Schmidt Jul 6th 2021

    We got this flour and made homemade baguettes and spaetzel. It was delicious, we had no headaches or stomach problems after which we normally do with flour from the US. I would recommend. I will be ordering again.

  • Elodie Aug 10th 2020

    This is good flour. Expensive but it's nice to have a real French import (at least I hope it's grown in France) that is also organic.

  • Oct 3rd 2016

    I am grateful to be able to purchase this excellent flour. I no longer use flour produced from American-grown wheat because it is genetically modified and creates inflammation and aggravates my arthritis. I made bread with this flour this weekend and the texture was perfect with an enviable crust. Thank you! Carol P.S. The customer service is outstanding too.


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