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Apero - the words to the mouth Box ( French Edition)

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The game allows you to animate your aperitifs through different phases of the game You have to win a maximum of round to win.


1) Twister: funny word games to pronounce correctly, under penalty of being deprived of amuse-bouche.

If these six hundred and six leeches are without sucking their blood, these six hundred and six leeches are without success.

2) Amuse-bouche: Quiz Info or Intox?

Is it true or not? The kings of France Louis XVI, Louis XVIII and Charles X were brothers. (True).

3) Peppers: Chilli challenges.

I would have liked to be an artist - take any book at hand, take a random passage and read it in the manner of Louis de Fun

4) Expressions: Wacky expressions to mimic.

Fingers in the nose - Looking at the navel - Being a badly licked bear

5) Question / Answers: 160 questions divided into 3 themes.

Unnecessary things to know - You think you're a Baleze, but do you know how long an albatross can fly without touching the ground: 6 days, 2 months or more than a year? General knowledge - In diving, what does the thumbs up mean? I'm fine "," I have to go back "or" I'm going to Miami by hitchhiking "?

Cult Movie Replicas - The Replica Who Kills: What is Jean Gabin's most famous replica in The Quay of Mists? ("You have beautiful eyes, you know").



A 98-page book for spicy and unbridled APEROS.

112 accessory cards to receive up to 24 guests. More than 250 questions and challenges, unusual and funny games.

- 24 twister cards = 24 funny tongue twisters to read correctly or you will be deprived of an aperitif.

- 16 Amuse-bouche cards = 32 Info or Intox quiz statements?

- 16 Chili cards = 32 spicy challenges.

- 16 cards = 48 zany expressions to mimic.

- 40 coasters with 160 questions divided into three themes: Unnecessary Things to Know, General Culture and Cult Movie Replicas.

As a bonus: 12 cocktail cards + 12 appetizer recipe cards ".

ISBN: 9782810402915

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