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Gavottes French Crepes Dentelles 125g (4.4 oz)

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  • Brand: Loc Maria
  • SKU: C2041
  • Net Weight: 125g/ 4.4oz

Go for the inimitable Gavottes Crepe Dentelle. Unfold its famous golden paper, fall for its perfume with slightly caramelized butter, enjoy all its crispness ... And don't leave a crumb of it...

Fine and crispy, Gavottes Crepe Dentelle are made in the tradition of Breton pastry know-how. Simple ingredients: flour, sugar, butter; and a guaranteed recipe without dye, preservatives, palm oil.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, sugar, pastry butter (milk) 9%, lactose and milk protein, salt, barley malt extract, baking powder: sodium carbonates. Contains: soy.

Store in a cool, dry place. Store in an airtight box in 7 days.


Product of France

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