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Henaff French Pork Countryside Pate 130g/4.5 oz

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  • Brand: Henaff
  • SKU: P001
  • Net Weight: 130g/ 4.5oz

What makes Henaff Countryside Pate a true country pate is that it is richer in liver than others: 15% pork liver versus 10% in a standard country pie.

It is also because Henaff chose to use only pork throat, which is a "noble" fat of pork.

If you add to this the fact that it displays a reduced salt rate of 30% compared to the average pate on the market, you will have all (good) reasons to find it higher!

Product of France.


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  • May 26th 2015

    I am also tired of lugging Cases of Pate de Campagne through US Customs & Immigration on return from France - with the inevitable lie on the customs declaration form of bringing back any "food" items (in fear of an officer claiming this is contraband "meat") - thank you "Le Panier Francais" for making me an honest citizen again! This is not available anywhere on the East Coast or even Quebec, Canada. Grab 'em now while you can!! Delicious w/Dijon mustard, cornichons, lettuce, your favorite bread or baguette, radish, ... preferably room temperature.

  • Mar 9th 2015

    My first time trying this pate. Yummy!!!! Wish the can was bigger though. Had it on baguette, brought back many fond memories of my homeland....Nothing like French Pate....

  • Mar 28th 2014

    I love this pate de campagne. It has a wonderful taste and texture (smooth, but with little bits of meat) and it just smells like France! I love it on bread at room temperature, but it is also tasty right from the fridge.


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