Alsa French Vanilla Flan Mix 192g /6.8 oz

Alsa French Vanilla Flan Mix 192g /6.8 oz

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Indulge in the delightful fusion of freshness and indulgence with Alsa Vanilla Flan, the quintessential daily dessert. This easy-to-make entremet captures the essence of gourmet pleasure with its generous, creamy texture and unparalleled vanilla flavor.

A perfect treat for those who cherish quick yet sumptuous desserts, Alsa Vanilla Flan stands out with its rich calcium content, thanks to a recipe enriched with milk minerals.

Enjoy a guilt-free experience with this preservative-free delight. Ideal for any occasion, Alsa Vanilla Flan is more than just a dessert; it's a celebration of flavor and nutrition in every spoonful.

Product of France.