Barral, producers of local olive and olive oil products since 1883.

Barral French Spicy Provencal Green Olive 200g/7 oz

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BRAND: Barral

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Experience the fiery taste of the Mediterranean with Barral's Spicy Provençal Green Olives, a culinary treasure crafted by experts in olive and olive oil production since 1883.

These olives are meticulously scored, allowing them to fully absorb the flavors of their natural, spicy brine, which is enriched with green and red peppers and a variety of pickled vegetables. Each olive delivers a burst of intense flavor, making them a delicious treat straight from the jar.

Perfect for adding a zesty twist to your dishes or enjoying as a bold snack, Barral Spicy Provençal Green Olives are an irresistible choice for spice lovers and gourmet enthusiasts alike.

Product of France.