Benedicta French Mayonnaise 255g (9 oz)

Benedicta French Mayonnaise 255g (9 oz)

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The Benedicta mayonnaise has inspired many gourmets since this base has given birth to several recipes, such as cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, remoulade, or ravigote. Mayonnaise Benedicta is rich, creamy, and yellow as a homemade mayonnaise. Use it on meat, fish, vegetables, or as a base for delicious sauces. With a creamy texture and a delicate, full-bodied aroma, this mayonnaise will accompany all your dishes.

ingredients: Vegetable oil, water, fresh egg yolks (5%), Dijon mustard, vinegar, salt, sugar, modified corn starch, thickener: gum xanthane, lemon juice, dye: beta-carotene, flavor

Product of France.