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Bistros de Paris French Edition

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In this practical and elegant guide, close to 150 handpicked addresses, the cream of the cream of the Parisian bistro, these places where we like to meet for a good dinner with friends, where we break the seed with happiness between noon and two and where human warmth and pleasure without ceremony are always ?á la carte. Bistrots of yesterday or today, good chic good kind or tutelage the Poulbot, Thierry Richard guides you to these safe addresses that are the essence of Parisian gastronomic life. From the cheapest chicken farm-fries in Paris (6.86?) To the most desirable pie, from the winemaker's haunt to the bistro of a young chef from the best brigades, from the bistro-butcher to the summer terraces, all facets of this essential Parisian life are represented. So follow the guide and meet us at the bistro. Because it's not just three stars or hamburgers in life!

Author: Thierry Richard, Am??lie Weill

Juliette Ranck (Photographer), Aseyn (Illustrator)

144 pages

ISBN: 9782812310775