Carambar French Caramel Candy 130g/4.6oz

Carambar French Caramel Candy 130g/4.6oz

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Find the most classic Carambar: Carambar caramel.

Since 1954, Carambar has been the unrivaled brand in the field of caramel candy, which is obtained, let's remember, by cooking sugar. Entire generations of children fall crazy in love with this caramel stick, enriched with milk, cocoa, and sugar.

It is the original Carambar, the one with a good caramel taste; in fact, it owes its name to the word composed of "caramel" and "bar," or CARAMBAR.

Carambar caramels are made in France without animal gelatin and are gluten-free, peanut-free, and dye-free. They are suitable for a vegetarian diet

Between the gourmets and Carambar, it is a long love story that lasts for more than 60 years. And with a billion Carambars produced each year, the adventure of this cult candy is just beginning.

Ingredients: Ingredients: glucose syrup, sweetened concentrated skim milk, sugar, fully hydrogenated copra oil, lean cocoa powder, salt, aromas


Product of France