La Savonnerie de Nyons Exfoliating Soap Grape 3.53 oz

La Savonnerie de Nyons Exfoliating Soap Grape 3.53 oz

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This 3.53 oz Grape Seed Exfoliating Soap cleans the pores of your skin and facilitates the exfoliating of dead skin cells. This natural exfoliation based on Nyons grape seed powder incrustations, is based on the removal of the upper layers of the skin and dead cells. It helps restore freshness and radiance to the skin and stimulate cellular regeneration. The results are visible immediately. Enriched with ORGANIC shea butter and Nyons olive oil, this exfoliating soap with moisturizing and restorative properties gives your skin suppleness, well-being and soothing.

Shea butter is a true natural and organic care for your skin: Shea is a fruit from Africa that once toned and ground gives shea butter. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it is recommended for the driest skin. Shea butter helps fight against external aggressions by nourishing and deeply protecting your skin. Its vitamins A, D, E and F give it powerful regenerative properties, giving your skin suppleness and elasticity.

For more than 2000 years, olive oil has been one of the best moisturizers for the skin: Olive oil will continue to give you its secrets of beauty and will give you well-being and peace of mind by protecting your skin. skin of external aggressions (sun, pollution). Nourishing, restorative and rich in antioxidants, olive oil maintains the suppleness and elasticity of your skin while acting naturally on wrinkles and fine lines.

All the fragrance essences of our soaps come from the perfume capital, the city of Grasse.

Created and made in the heart of the Dr??me Proven?ºale.

The frequency of use of the exfoliant depends on the nature of your skin. Rub the soap on your wet skin. Rinse with clear water.