Francine has developed an ideal Baker's Yeast for the production of bread and pizzas. Combined with Francine bread flours, this is the secret of a well-raised and gourmet bread!

Francine Yeast Bakery Bread and Pizza 6 bags

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Experience the Art of Baking with Francine Baker's Yeast - Perfect for Bread and Pizzas

Unlock the secret to perfectly raised, gourmet bread and pizzas with Francine’s specially developed Baker's Yeast. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced baker, this yeast is your key ingredient for a successful bake. Each pre-dosed bag is crafted to ensure consistent results, making it ideal for various baking methods.

  • Versatile Use: One bag suffices for a bread machine, while two bags are recommended for hand-mixed or machine-assisted doughs.
  • Ideal for Pizza Enthusiasts: Enhance your homemade pizza with one bag of Francine Baker's Yeast for every 200g of Francine Pizza Flour.

Product Details:

  • Pack contains: 6 sachets, each 5g (0.18oz)
  • Ingredients: Instant dry baker’s yeast, emulsifier, flour treatment agent (ascorbic acid).

Combining this yeast with Francine bread flours helps achieve that bakery-fresh quality in your kitchen. Try Francine Baker's Yeast today and taste the difference in your homemade bread and pizzas!