Carambar Fruits 130g/4.58oz

Carambar Fruits 130g/4.58oz

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Discover Carambar Fruits, an assortment of tender sweets with a good fruity taste: orange, strawberry, lemon, or raspberry... Carambar Fruits is a derivative of the famous Carambar Caramel, created in 1954. After the success of the caramel bar, it was in 1973 that these long sweets with fruit aromas came out.

So, which one do you prefer? For more than 60 years, Carambar has been produced in the north of France, a 100% French production.

Find your favorite jokes in all of Carambar. The Carambar will delight young and old!

Carambar fruit is a gluten-free candy that suits all consumers

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, palm oil, acidifiers (citric acid), gelatin, dyes (anthocyanin, lutein, paprika extract, vegetable charcoal), aromas, and emulsifiers.

May contain milk and nuts.