LU Petit Beurre Biscuits 200 g /7.05oz

LU Petit Beurre Biscuits 200 g /7.05oz

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Introducing LU Petit Beurre, a Delight That Will Last Forever.

The forward-thinking Louis Lefevre-Utile created this renowned biscuit in 1886, and it embodies time. Its four corners represent the changing seasons, and its 52 scalloped edges symbolize each week of the year. Louis Lefevre-Utile is credited with its creation.

In spite of its illustrious past and significant connotations, however, LU Petit Beurre is most notable for its scrumptious flavor. Each morsel encapsulates the authentic deliciousness of its components because 73% of it is comprised of quality wheat that has been painstakingly cultivated in accordance with the rigorous LU Harmony charter.

Enjoy LU Petit Beurre, a treat that families all over the world have loved for many years and that is perfect for families to experience the true flavor of tradition.

Product of France

Ingredients: wheat flour 73.4%, sugar, butter 13.6%, skimmed milk powder 1.3%, salt, raising agent (ammonium hydrogen carbonate), acidity regulator (citric acid), artificial flavor (vanillin).
May contain eggs and sesame.