Poulain Chocolate Mix  250g

Poulain Chocolate Mix 250g

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BRAND: Poulain

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Discover the Rich Taste of Poulain Grand Arome Chocolate Powder: A Timeless Classic Since 1904!

Experience the perfect blend of tradition and quality with Poulain Grand Arome, the premium chocolate drink powder. Boasting a rich 32% cocoa content, this iconic French chocolate powder has been a family favorite for over a century.

Ideal for a delightful family breakfast, Poulain Grand Arome offers a luxurious chocolate experience that caters to the tastes of true chocolate connoisseurs.

Indulge in the legacy of Poulain's historic 1904 creation, now perfectly adapted to satisfy the modern gourmand. Make every morning special with the unparalleled taste of Poulain Grand Arome, the ultimate chocolate powder for your breakfast table!


Sugared, heavily defatted cocoa powder.

Sugar, lean cocoa powder (11% cocoa butter), 32% natural flavor

May contain milk.

Product of France