The wines of Languedoc ( French Edition)

The wines of Languedoc ( French Edition)

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Wine guide presenting the multiplicity of the appellations of Languedoc. Languedoc wines have a thousand and one characters. The diversity of landscapes - foothills of the Cevennes and Haut-Languedoc, hills of the Corbires, scrubland and coastline -, terroirs, climate, history and men have made these wines a network with multiple flavors. The Languedoc vineyard is one of the oldest and largest in the world. A major producer in terms of quantity, this French vineyard has for twenty years evolved the most in favor of quality. The diversity of the terroirs, defined by about thirty grape varieties and about fifteen appellations of controlled origin (A.O.C.) gives rise each year to superb red, rose, and white wines.

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ISBN: 9782812310775