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St Michel French Mini Madeleine 6.17oz/175g/

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  • Brand: St Michel
  • SKU: C2017
  • Net Weight: 175g/ 6.17oz

Indulge in the unrivaled flavor of St. Michel Original Mini Madeleines, which are genuine, bite-sized French delicacies that enchant with each mouthful.

Madeleines should have a texture that is defined by being light, airy, and seductively moist. Experience this texture for yourself. These St.Michel Mini Madeleines, which are made with careful craftsmanship, have been a hit with foodies in France and beyond for many years.

St.Michel madeleines proudly produced in the heart of Normandy, combine history with local ingredients, earning them a treasured place on dessert tables around the world.

Why waste time or effort in the kitchen when perfection is already waiting for you with St. Michel?

Made with wheat flour, fresh eggs, sugar, and a variety of other high-quality ingredients, each mouthful delivers a flavor that is reminiscent of France.

Made in France

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  • Feb 16th 2017

    They are the best will order more on future

  • Sep 15th 2015

    The flavor & texture of these cookies is very good. I bake madeleines myself at home and these are almost as good as mine.

  • Aug 26th 2014

    Loved the mini madeleines, flavor was really good although they were a little bit dry!

  • Dec 9th 2013

    Bought these for a gift basket, so I didn't get to taste them, but it is a great brand of cookies in France and should be delicious. Great price too!


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