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Vilux French Cornichons Gherkins In Vinegar 350g/12.3oz

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  • Brand: Vilux
  • SKU: C1002
  • Net Weight: 350g/ 12.3oz

Crisp and tasty, Vilux gherkin are perfect to accompany your cold meals. Vilux gherkin are so perfect you can eat them alone. The gherkins are prepared and packaged to keep all their flavors and restore them intact. Discover new ways to raise your dishes.

Vilux condiments is a wide range of spices and vegetables to accompany all your dishes. 

Ingredients: gherkins, water, vinegar, salt


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  • Jan 20th 2016

    I confirm : This pickles are the same that we could find in France! Vinegar is the life!

  • Sep 2nd 2014

    Wanted to find the little cornichons we were served in a French cafe when we ordered beer. These were just as good!


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